(To make sure the games runs on all browsers the quality was reduced, this is different as how the executable game looks)

Test your memory (and ears) in this interpretation of the classic card game. 

  • F11: Fullscreen Mode
  • Escape: Return to Menu
  • Right Click: Rotate Camera
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Authorsaudiomax, grazianobolla
Made withGodot
Tags3D, Low-poly, Relaxing
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

For Linux and Windows just decompress the zip file and play the game!


resound-windows.zip 45 MB
Version 5 Apr 28, 2021
resound-linux.zip 52 MB
Version 4 Apr 28, 2021

Development log


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[Bug Report]:

On latest published Linux version (v1.1), in "medium" and "hard" levels, when 2 matching sounds are found, first the animation that should make the selected cards go out of scene doesn't trigger and then is not possible to select other cards (if it was required to find more than 2 corresponding sounds in these levels)

[OS]: Lubuntu Linux - 18.04 LTS - kernel;
[Graphic Card]: Intel HD3000 SandyBridge - Ram 1.5 GB;
[Graphic Driver]: Mesa 20.3 - OpenGL 3.3;

Thanks anyway for this game!

[Edit]: The same bug happens with Windows version (v1.1) aswell.

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Thank you!! 

Hi, I re wrote some parts of the code, I did it for a Jam so I wasn’t focusing on good code (making it work was the deal), I waited for Godot 3.3 to fix everything, you can try it now, I tested it on multiple OS’s and works fine, audio sounds perfect too. If you want, here is the github repo: Link

Thanks for the Github repo adress.
I've managed to compile the last published version, via Godot engine 3.3 stable (with C# support), and I can confirm aswell that it runs on my Linux system with no problems so far.

Perfect, thanks for the help.

Binary size will be reduced soon!